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Can I Make a Claim if I Have Been Injured at a Swimming Pool

Any business or organisation has a duty of care towards those that use its facilities, that includes companies such as sports centres, hotels and spas that operate swimming pools.

If someone using a swimming pool has an accident and it’s caused by negligence such as not maintaining the infrastructure properly or they are ill because hygiene standards are too low, then it may be possible to claim compensation against them.

The type of injury or illness we routinely come across involving swimming pools include:

  • Damaged tiles or flooring that leads to slips and falls.
  • Pools that have poorly maintained or damaged filtration and drainage systems.
  • Using too many and too much chlorine and other chemicals in the water.
  • Lack of adequate supervision and signage, for example, relating to the depth of the water.

Making a Claim Following a Swimming Pool Injury or Illness

There are several things you need to do if you have suffered from an injury or been made ill after a visit to a swimming pool.

The first is to contact your GP and get a medical record for what has happened as soon as possible. You will also need to collect as much information regarding the event as you can. This includes taking photos where appropriate and getting the contact details of any witnesses.

It’s also useful to write notes of what happened so you can refer to them later as well as keep track of any expenses you may have incurred because of the incident. You may, for example, have had to take time off work because of the injury or illness and it’s important to note the income you have lost.

The next thing is to reach out to a personal injury claim solicitor. The good news is that many offer a free initial consultation where you can find out if you have the basis for a claim or not and what to do next.

Most solicitors also offer a no win no fee service. This means they’ll be able to take on your case without upfront charges. Fees are only paid once the claim has been successfully settled in your favour and compensation awarded.

What Can You Claim Compensation For?

When it comes to swimming pools, a lot will depend on how the injury or illness affected you personally. You will be able to claim for general damages for the pain that the injury has caused you but you will also be able to claim for things such as care if it is needed, medical expenses and loss of income.

For example, if the result of the accident meant you were unable to work and did not receive any income then your compensation from a successful claim will take this into account.

With severe injuries which are lifechanging, compensation can help with future living such as making adjustments to your home or making up for the fact that you are unable to do the same job anymore at the same salary. To discuss how an accident has affected your life with one of our experienced solicitors contact the Personal Injury Lawyers Birmingham team today.

It’s vital to talk through any potential action with a personal injury solicitor that has experience of dealing with claims against swimming pools. You should be able to get that free initial consultation and, if a claim is recommended, take advantage of the no win no fee service.

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Title: Can I Make a Claim if I Have Been Injured at a Swimming Pool
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