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Gloucester Man Receives £50K Compensation From DoT

Hello everyone, welcome to our first instalment in a new series of posts where we look at recent illness and injury compensation cases that have been in the UK news.

Today’s case is about a man from Matson in Gloucester who has received £50,ooo in damages from the Department of Transport after he developed health problems due to exposure to asbestos when he worked for British Rail as a young man over 70 years ago.  Then man in question had developed breathing problems in 2012 and his doctors believed it was related to his exposure at an early age.

The great thing about this successful claim is that there is also a court order in place that allows the man to receive further compensation in the future if  his health deteriorates any further.  This is seen as an important part of the mans case by his injury claim solicitor as further problems with asbestosis often develop at a later stage. The court order means that if any additional health problems are encountered the claimant can seek further compensation.


Read more: http://www.gloucestercitizen.co.uk/Matson-man-receives-50-000-compensation-asbestos/story-25966088-detail/story.html

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