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I Slipped on a Wet Floor: Can I Make a Compensation Claim?

Public spaces like offices and stores can be hazardous during bad weather. Wet floors can easily become difficult to walk on, especially if you have mobility issues. If an area where the floor is slippery and wet is not signposted to warn you, it is easy to find yourself the victim of a nasty fall. The team at Personal Injury Lawyers Birmingham are ready to talk to you about a fall you have had and whether you will be able to make a compensation claim for your injuries.

But can you claim compensation?

Wet floors can occur in public areas for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is wet weather, sometimes it is because a floor area has been cleaned and has not yet dried. A restaurant or bar might have wet flooring because of a spillage that is not cleaned up.

Nearly a third of injuries caused in the hospitality industry are caused by problems such as wet floors. A slip may seem like a minor thing but if you land the wrong way and break a bone or bang your head and suffer from a concussion, it can have quite serious health consequences.

Claiming for a Compensation After Slipping on a Wet Floor

You may be able to claim if you slip on a wet floor and there was no observable ‘wet floor’ sign to alert you to the danger. Anyone who is in charge of a public location, whether it’s a restaurant, office, supermarket or shopping mall, should take reasonable action to dry the area and put up the appropriate signage to warn customers and staff.

Of course, not all incidents involving a wet floor automatically attract a compensation claim. It comes down to whether the person or company in charge of the area where the accident occurred has taken appropriate action to prevent injury.

That is why it is essential to get in contact with a personal injury lawyer if you have suffered a nasty injury because of a wet floor.

What to Do If You Slip on a Wet Floor

While it might be difficult if you have an injury, it is important to collect as much evidence as possible. That is often quite simple because most of us carry smartphones around with us which we can use to record the immediate area of the accident.  Photo evidence is pretty powerful and incontrovertible so try to take images of the location where the accident happened. Also, try to get the details of any witnesses who may be able to help with your case.

The next step is to contact a personal injury compensation expert that has experience of dealing with this sort of accident like Personal Injury Lawyers Birmingham. Most will give you a free initial consultation so they can listen to the details and advise whether you have a case or not.

Personal injury lawyers also provide what is called a no win no fee service for this type of claim. This means they will take on your case but not charge upfront fees. They only make a charge if they win the case and get compensation for you. That compensation can be awarded for a variety of reasons. It could compensate you for the pain and injury you were caused, the time you might have had to spend off work recovering and any loss of income you have suffered. It can also pay towards your rehabilitation or making adjustments to your home if the injury is serious enough.

If you have recently had a slip or fall because of a wet floor, contact our personal injury team today for some expert advice.

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Title: I Slipped on a Wet Floor: Can I Make a Compensation Claim?
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