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What is a Pavement Accident Compensation Claim

The last thing you expect when you’re walking down the street is to have an accident. The truth is that injuries involving pedestrians on pavements are much more common than many people think.

Tripping on a loose paving stone or slipping on a dangerous area that has become icy may seem like a twist of fate. Our local councils, however, are responsible for maintaining roads and walkways so that they are fit for purpose.

That includes fixing broken pavements and ensuring areas used by pedestrians are gritted properly during winter periods.

If the property on which you are walking is privately owned, for example by a supermarket or shopping precinct, they are responsible for maintaining walkways properly rather than the council.

Accidents can be caused in many ways. There may have been an obstruction on the pavement which meant you had to walk into the road and that caused you to be hit by a car. The fact that the pathway was blocked is the responsibility of the owners as they have a duty of care to the people that use their facilities.

Common Pavement Accidents

  • Your accident may have happened because the council or a private owner were negligent in repairing an area of pavement.
  • Perhaps it was a very icy day and the ground wasn’t gritted properly to prevent people from slipping.
  • Maybe a company was hired to dig up part of the pavement, but they didn’t put in the right safety measures such as signs and barriers.

If you were injured that could mean you can claim compensation. The types of injuries we see range from nasty bumps and scratches to more serious broken bones. In some instances, individuals have sustained life-changing injuries that require support for some time afterwards.

What Can You Claim For?

A lot depends on the severity of the injury. For example, you may be in significant pain and have to take off time for work. The compensation could also cover you for private physiotherapy as well as making up for any loss of income.

If the accident is more serious, compensation can be used to get finances for changing your daily living. You might be unfortunate to find you now have some form of disability and need to make alterations to your home to cope.

Accidents may not only change things in the short term but for the future as well. If you are unable to continue to do the job you originally were employed in because of significant injuries, you should be able to claim compensation for loss of future earnings.

There is a whole range of different costs that you could have to pay out because of your injury. There is also the psychological effect that needs to be taken into account. That’s why it’s very important to sit down with a personal injury specialist and discuss things.

We’ll be able to give you a free consultation and tell you if you have the basis for a claim. We also offer a no win no fee service. This means you don’t have to find the upfront cost of the legal proceedings. If you have been injured by tripping or slipping on a pavement and would like to see if you have the basis to make a claim, contact the expert team at Personal Injury Lawyers Birmingham today today to find out more.

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Title: What is a Pavement Accident Compensation Claim
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