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Injury Claims In Birmingham

Have you been injured in an accident in Birmingham within the last 3 years? Do you live in Birmingham or do you just come to work here? If yes then there is a possibility that you may have a legal case for compensation for incurring those injuries. Call us now to speak with experienced personal injury solicitors and see if you have a right to be compensated for your injuries.  Let our highly knowledgeable team help you with your claim today!

To begin the process of claiming compensation for your injury, call us NOW. Our network of specialist No WIN NO FEE * solicitors are waiting to take your case!


What Kind of Personal Injury Can I Claim For?

There are different types of personal injuries which people can claim for compensation. A personal injury is the legal term referring to an injury done to a body, emotions or mind as opposed to property injury. The term is often used to show a type of tort lawsuit indicating that the injuries of a plaintiff are as a result of negligence of another person, although this arises in offense torts. On the other hand, damages involve bodily injuries, IIED (Intentional infliction of emotional-distress) and NIED (Negligent infliction of emotional-distress). The most familiar kinds of personal injury and accident claims in Birmingham entail road traffic accidents, tripping accidents, accidents at work, accidents at home, assault claims, building site accidents, holiday accidents and product liability (product defect accidents). Check out our No Win No Fee * details.


Other forms of personal injuries are dental and medical accidents that cause various medical negligence claims and conditions that are normally categorized as industrial disease cases. These include peritoneal mesotheliona and asbestosis. Also there are chest diseases that entail: emphysema, silicosis, asthma, pneumoconiosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic-obstructive airways disease and chronic-obstructive pulmonary disease. Other industrial diseases entail occupational stress, vibration white finger, occupational-deafness contact dermatitis and repetitive-strain injury cases.

Any claim for personal injuries can appear in different circumstances which include car accidents (and motorbike accident claims), accidents at work, accidents in public or clinical negligence. Claims caused by damages can as well be caused by diseases and illnesses. Obviously, you can claim against suffering and pain damages that you got due to illness and accident whereby the medical evidence is used to support your claims for personal injury. There could be notes on your medical records although there is the necessity for you to attend a private medical specialist.

Damages are classified as either general or special. Special damages can be measured and may be itemized as lost earnings, expenses, and property damages. While general damages involve less measurable items like suffering and pain, emotional distress and loss of consortium. Personal injuries usually lead to both general and special damages. The degree which a person can be compensated for personal injuries is basically determined by the severity of that injury. Serious injuries like severed limbs, broken bones or brain damage that causes great physical suffering and pain normally get the biggest injury settlements.

Also, an injured person can be compensated due to lifetime effects caused by injuries. For instance, a keen cricketer can suffer a wrist injury which eliminates him from playing the cricket during a cricket season. This may be compensated over and beyond the reimbursement for an injury itself. It is referred as the loss of amenity and compensation for loss of amenity is part of claim for suffering, pain and loss of amenity.

You are also warranted for claim damages for any lost earnings which may include future earnings in case your injury is great enough to stop you from working later in your life. Most certainly, future pensions and promotions are also taken into consideration. Another way you can claim for personal injuries is regarding any expenses which are vital in helping your recovery like nursing care, medication costs and rehabilitation expenses. Another way you can claim for compensation for personal injury is when your house or car has been modified contrary to its original form.

Cases which entail workers that are wounded in public services and who cannot go back to work like police officers, fire-fighters or nurses end up being compensated more for losing congenial employment. This is compensated on the foundation that their services were more than jobs to them. But where personal injuries involve fatality, additional damages are awarded for funeral costs. Besides, compensation is awarded to all living relatives like children or spouses who relied on deceased for income and time.

According to the negligence or intent of the accountable party, the injured party can be entitled for monetary compensation from that party via judgement or settlement. In some countries, this method is complex and controversial where lawyers represent clients on a conditional fee plan with the attorney fee being a fraction of the claimant final compensation. This is payable after solving the case but if the case is not successful, there is no payment. Compensation claims for personal injuries vary with some taking months to settle while others go for years.

To begin your claim, call us NOW. Our No WIN NO FEE * solicitors are waiting to take your case!

As you can see, personal injury is a minefield so choosing the right lawyer to represent you in a personal injury case is very important.

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