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Brain injury compensation claims

Brain injury compensation claims aren’t something that people would want to have to go through; both for the victims, and for their families.

But it’s something that is important to talk about. It’s important that victims can get some form of justice for a brain injury, and compensation pay-outs are designed to reflect not only what the victim has suffered, but what they will suffer in the future.

We have settled – and continue to represent victims for – a number of brain injury cases. These claims are far more than just a matter to be processed and need special attention with specialist lawyers working on the cases.

Brain injury compensation claims specialists

Brain injury compensation claims are one of the types of legal cases that we specialise in when it comes to personal injury matters.

Our focus for injury cases is primarily on what we consider to be serious and catastrophic injury claims, of which brain injuries usually fall into this category. There’s a lot to consider, and the need for an experienced legal team is essential.

We need to consider things such as:

  • How any change in the victim’s lifestyle needs to be managed and compensated;
  • The impact on employment and future employment prospects;
  • The need for professional care and assistance;
  • Private rehabilitation and medical care requirements.

It’s important that no stone is left unturned as we make sure that any compensation pay-out reflects what the victim endures. It goes without saying that compensation amounts for these cases can reach millions of pounds; especially when we account for the future losses and expenses, which can make up for a large proportion of the value of a case.

Expertise is essential

The right legal expertise is essential for brain injury compensation claims. There needs to be an experienced lawyer overseeing the case that has a long history of serious compensation claims and brain injury matters in particular. The supporting legal team also needs to be experienced as well.

And this is something we can offer.

A large proportion of the personal injury matters we take forward are for serious and catastrophic injury claims – often referred to as ‘Multi-Track’ claims. This is what we specialise in and focus on as we want to be helping those that need our help the most.

It’s far more than just a claim, and we’re far more than just your lawyers. We try to be the victim’s support network as well as legal representatives. We have close relations with some fantastic medical experts to help support the case, and with expert barristers across the country. This is vital because the other side in a case like this will often try and defend the claim in some way to reduce what they have to pay, as they can be facing pay-outs in the millions. You need a team of lawyers equipped to fight them, and this kind of case can take some time to resolve.

Help and advice

We’re more than happy to offer free, no-obligation advice for brain injury compensation claims.

Whether you’re the victim or a relation to the victim who needs our help, you can contact the team today and we will do all that we can to assist you.

Our Serious Injury Claims Team is made up of lawyers and legal experts with decades of vital experience, and this includes for brain injury cases. We can go through the processes and how we can help, and we can arrange home or hospital visits in some cases where it’s needed as well.

We can also offer No Win, No Fee representation.

By: Matt
Title: Brain injury compensation claims
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