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Can I Claim Compensation for My Knee Injury?

An injury to the knee can be painful and debilitating. We often take this part of the body for granted but it is vital for mobility and getting around. If you have been injured because of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation through a personal injury lawyer.

While some knee injuries can come and go in a short time, many persist and can cause a period of discomfort and disability that not only prevent you from living your life to the full but can impact work and how much you can earn. In some cases, injuries can leave sufferers with lifelong pain and disability that requires them to adapt their lifestyles.

Types of Knee Injury

There are two main types of injury we see as a personal injury team, but both can have a huge impact on the individual.

The first is caused by a catastrophic event such as an accident. For example, someone may be injured following a traffic collision that leaves the knee damaged and requiring medical attention. You might have a slip or fall on the icy ground or a wet floor in a supermarket and twist your knee, causing significant damage.

Other knee injuries can be caused at work because of certain practices. For instance, if you work as a gardener and it requires you to be on your knees a lot of the time, wear and tear over time can cause an injury. Employers need to provide the right health and safety measures to ensure that their employees are kept safe. That could, for example, mean something as simple as giving a worker knee pads to prevent damage caused by kneeling on a hard floor.

What Can Compensation Help With?

Compensation can be awarded for a knee injury for a variety of reasons. You may, for example, now have to deal with a long-term health condition that requires you to make changes to your daily living.

Perhaps you have to walk with a stick, or you need to adjust your home to make it easier to get around. You might need to retrain for other work, or you could need finances to help with private medical care.

Because you have this injury, you may not have the earning power that you had in the past. Compensation can be given to make up for this whether for the past, present or future. There can also be other factors such as loss of pension earnings and even travel expenses to get to medical treatment that can be taken into account.

Claiming Compensation

If you have suffered a knee injury and it was not your fault, it’s important to sit down and talk things through with a professional personal injury lawyer. They will normally give that first consultation free to see if there is a case to answer.

If there is the potential to make a claim, most personal injury solicitors nowadays offer a no win no fee service. This means they don’t charge upfront fees as they take legal action. It’s only if you successfully win your claim and are awarded compensation that those fees are taken from the final award.

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Title: Can I Claim Compensation for My Knee Injury?
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