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Can I claim for an accident playing football?

Professional footballers and grassroots players accept a risk of injury each time they play. Anyone who has previously played football knows that it is a contact sport and injuries can happen.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre, which was created by the Government in April 2013, estimated over 300,000 sports related injuries were treated in Accident and Emergency departments in Britain, in the 12-month period leading up to its creation. Given the popularity of football, a number of these injuries are likely to have occurred on football pitches.

But when an injury does occur, is it possible to bring a claim if it as the result of a dangerous or deliberate act?  

Yes – in the above accidents, many of these individuals will have sought the help of a Solicitor to assist them with obtaining compensation for their injuries.

What happens once I instruct a solicitor?

It is likely that your Solicitor will advise you to seek medical attention, if you haven’t done so already. This will ensure that your recovery time is sped up, and will also help your case, too as the entry in your medical records should help prove the cause and extent of your injuries.

It’s very likely that you will be asked to provide the names of any witnesses who may have seen what happened. Football is a spectator sport after all, and in many cases, there will be people who can corroborate your version of events. Another very important potential witness is the referee whose statement will be a key piece of evidence.

Your Solicitor will always advise you to keep hold of any receipts for any injury related expenses, as it may be possible to claim these back as the claim progresses.

It is possible, but not always easy, to claim for accidents which occur on the football pitch. If you wish to know more please get in touch with our experienced Solicitors by calling 0121 752 2818 or email info@personalinjurylawyerbirmingham.org

By: Joshua Davies
Title: Can I claim for an accident playing football?
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Published Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 07:57:27 +0000