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Can You Claim Compensation for a Muscle or Soft Tissue Injury?

Muscle or soft tissue injuries are not uncommon and can be very painful to deal with. If you’ve had to take time off work or your injury persists for a while, it can make a big difference to your life and the team at Personal Injury Lawyers Birmingham can help you find out if you are entitled to make a personal injury claim.

But can you claim compensation?

If you have had an accident or the soft tissue injury was caused because someone else was at fault, then you certainly may be able to claim compensation to help with your recovery.

How much you get, of course, will depend on what the injury is and how it has affected you.

What Types of Soft Tissue Injury Are There?

As a personal injury solicitor, our job is to look at what happened to you and evaluate whether there is a case for a claim. If there is, we can support you through the entire process.

You might have slipped on a broken section paving that the council failed to maintain properly. Maybe you tripped over at work or you were injured by another person acting rashly, either because of a sporting accident or an altercation. If you were in a vehicle accident and it wasn’t your fault, the driver who caused the injury may be liable to pay compensation to help with your recovery.

The types of injury can vary quite a lot with these types of claims. We’ve seen people with ligament damage, strains and muscle tears, and deep bruising over the years. Some of these injuries can be quite severe, meaning an individual takes time to recover.

It’s a good idea if you have suffered a muscle or soft tissue injury to get a health professional such as your GP to take a look at you as soon as possible. Not only does it mean you get the right medical support but also an accurate diagnosis.

What Caused Your Injury?

Whose fault the injury was is important when making any claim like this. For example, perhaps you were working out at a gym and injured yourself. If there wasn’t adequate training to use a piece of equipment or it was poorly maintained, then the gym itself might be at fault.

Injuries can often be caused during sporting activities. If the person who caused your injury acted inappropriately, they may also be liable for the damage caused.

Many injuries that we see are work-related. This is where either appropriate safety measures aren’t put in place by the employer or they have not trained staff properly to do a particular task or use certain equipment.

How Do I Make a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have a muscle injury, it can take quite a while to recover. It’s important to seek out the right legal advice as soon as possible to see where you stand. Most personal injury solicitors will offer a free initial consultation which means you can find out whether you have a case to make a claim or not. They’ll also explain what the next steps are in making a claim.

If you have suffered muscle or soft tissue injury because of an incident that wasn’t your fault, contact our team of professional personal injury lawyers today to see if you have the basis for a claim.

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Title: Can You Claim Compensation for a Muscle or Soft Tissue Injury?
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