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Compensation advice for surgical mesh problems

If you need advice and legal representation for surgical mesh problems, we can help you. We may also be able to represent you for a compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis.

When it comes to our focus in terms of personal injury cases, we specialise in serious and catastrophic injury cases. How this is determined is generally based on the nature of the injuries suffered and the severity of the consequences which, in terms of pelvic mesh problems, is often substantial.

For many years, thousands of women have suffered problems and complications that have arisen from the use of pelvic mesh and bladder sling technology. We represent patients who have suffered, and we may be able to help you too.

Suffering from surgical mesh problems?

If you’re suffering from surgical mesh problems, you’re not alone. As a law firm who have been representing women for mesh issues for several years, you’re also not alone when it comes to advice and support.

If we think that you have grounds to be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation, we could represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that we can take a case forward and waive our legal fees if the claim is not successful. We can do this when we believe that we can win the clam.

Making a claim can be an important pathway to some form of justice, whether it’s a case against the treatment surgeon and medical staff, a hospital in general, or a mesh manufacturer.

What can you claim for?

Claiming compensation for surgical mesh problems can encompass several things.

First, you can claim for the General Damages; i.e. the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused. This could be for any general issues like pain and infections, and it can also include the suffering for having to undergo more treatment and possibly more surgery. If surgery fails and you are left with permanent problems, your claim will need to encompass this.

Secondly, you can also claim for Special Damages, which is for any losses and expenses incurred. This may be for the costs of private surgery and treatment if it’s going to speed up and / or aid your recovery. It may be for lost earnings from time off work, which may need to account for earnings for the rest of your life. It can even account for medication costs, travel expenses, and payment for care and assistance.

Specialist lawyers for you

When it comes to compensation claims for surgical mesh problems, in some cases, the pay-outs can be substantial. This reflects the seriousness of the problems, which can especially be the case when women are left with lifelong issues.

In some cases, women can be left unable to work or walk ever again. A compensation claim can never undo this kind of damage, but it can be the way forward when it comes to some form of justice. With such serious claims, you need experienced, specialist lawyers; and that’s what we are.

As a firm, we focus on complex and catastrophic cases. When it comes to injury cases specifically, we represent a large proportion of people for serious injury cases where they don’t follow the standard process and protocols that most straightforward accident claims do.

That’s why we’re confident that we can help you if you’re suffering from pelvic mesh problems and you need to make a claim. We’re representing a number of other women and we have been doing for a number of years, and we may be able to help you too.

By: Matt
Title: Compensation advice for surgical mesh problems
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