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Hernia mesh compensation claims

We’re representing a number of people for hernia mesh compensation claims, and we’re able to offer No Win, No Fee agreements for eligible clients.

Despite concerns being raised about hernia mesh specifically, as well as the continual issues surrounding the use of vaginal mesh, more patients are undergoing this procedure. What we have seen from our clients is the horrific problems and complications that can arise when the procedure is not successful, and the only justice that can be obtained is through a claim for personal injury compensation.

If you have suffered, or are suffering with, problems and complications arising from hernia mesh surgery, we may be able to help you.

No Win, No Fee hernia mesh compensation claims

We can offer No Win, No Fee representation for people who initiate their hernia mesh compensation claims with our expert lawyers and legal team.

We’re already representing a number of victims and have been doing for quite some time. Whether you can claim or not can depend on the individual circumstances of your case, but claims may arise where:

  • More suitable alternatives were not offered;
  • Advice about the risks and alternatives was inadequate;
  • Poor surgical technique or a surgical error takes place;
  • Inadequate aftercare has led to your problems.

Although the above covers just some of the scenarios where we may be able to help you, the best thing to do is contact our team for a free, no-obligation claims assessment. We can discuss what has happened to you and then we can tell you if we’re able to offer you representation. If we can help you, it’s then totally up to you in terms of going ahead or not.

You can read more on our specialist hernia mesh claims advice page here.

What can you claim for?

There are several key factors we can look at when it comes to values, pay-outs and damages amounts for hernia mesh compensation claims.

You can claim for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused, which is often referred to as General Damages. This can account for a range of problems and complications including pain, bleeding, infections, mobility problems, mesh damage (like shrinkage, migration and fractures), and hernia relapses.

You can also be entitled to claim for any losses and expenses – known as Special Damages – which is designed to make sure you are not out of pocket in any way. This could include claims for lost earnings from time off work, or even private treatment and surgery if it’s required. Anything you lose out on or have to pay out as a direct result of what has happened to you may be included.

Speak to our team today

For free hernia mesh compensation claims assessment, please contact our team.

We’re normally open from 9am to 10pm on most weekdays, and 9am to 5pm on most weekends. This allows us to be more accessible for our clients and prospective clients.

When it comes to claims for personal injury compensation, we specialise and focus on complex and serious injury cases. Hernia mesh claims fit into this category which means you can be assured of expert representation to fight tooth and nail for the compensation you could be owed.

By: Matt
Title: Hernia mesh compensation claims
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