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How to Claim Compensation for a Leg Injury

If you’ve been unlucky enough to get a leg injury, you’ll know how disabling it can be. Not only are you likely to be in pain but you’ll have difficulty getting out and about too.

A leg injury can mean that you are unable to work or live your life to the fullest. If the injury leads to permanent damage and disability, it can have a huge impact on your future life.

If you’ve suffered a leg injury because of the negligence of someone else, then you may be able to claim compensation to help recompense you for lost earnings and help you to adjust.

Types of Leg Injury

We see a wide range of different injuries including torn ligaments, broken limbs, cuts, and bruising. This type of injury can happen almost anywhere but some of the common that we see are from workplace accidents.

For example, you may have a slip or fall at work because the right safety procedures were not being followed. Your employer has a duty of care and a legal obligation to make sure that the environment in which you work is safe and free from hazards. We also see leg injuries incurred on building sites where safety procedures may have been a little lax.

Accidents can happen in places like supermarkets, even on the road or pavement outside your home or place of work. We also see leg injuries as a result of road traffic accidents. Impact sports like rugby increase the likelihood of a serious accident and falls from height are not uncommon either.

What Is the Compensation For?

Personal injury awards can be made to compensate you for a variety of reasons. You might have lost your job or had to take time off work so couldn’t earn money. The injury could be so serious that you have to make adjustments to your daily living. You may not be able to do the same job anymore and have to take lower-paid employment.

You may be left with a disability which means you have to walk with a stick or are confined to a wheelchair and all the challenges this brings. Your injury may also have caused you psychological harm and you might need counselling to get over this.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Solicitor

If you think that you may have a case to claim compensation, it’s important to talk things through with a qualified and experienced solicitor. The good news is that your initial consultation should be free. This is where the solicitor listens to your story and makes an assessment about whether you have the basis for a claim and who this is against.

If there is a case, you can be offered a no win no fee service. This means that you don’t have to find upfront fees for your legal bills. The claim is undertaken by the solicitor and if you win your claim, those fees are taken out of the compensation that is awarded.

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Title: How to Claim Compensation for a Leg Injury
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