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Is There a Typical Forklift Truck Injury?

Forklift trucks are used in a wide range of sectors and industries. We find them in warehouses, on worksites, being used for food outlets such as supermarkets and on docksides for loading and unloading goods to name just a few.

You need to have relevant training and qualification to legally operate a forklift truck in the UK. Despite this, accidents involving vehicles of this type are more common than people think and account for about a quarter of all transport-related incidents in the workplace.

More than half of injuries don’t involve the driver of the forklift truck, however. People who are working or walking or standing near the vehicle are often more at risk. Most accidents can be put down to poor work practices such as not maintaining vehicles properly and inadequate health and safety measures as well as the poor training of staff.

Types of Forklift Truck Injury

Injuries can vary considerably depending on the type of accident. There may be a collision with an object, someone may be hit by the forklift truck or there’s an accident because the load being carried is too heavy, for example.

  • Stability: Forklifts often work on unstable ground, especially if they are being used in areas like construction sites. Even when carrying loads, it can mean that the truck itself is unsteady and likely to tip over if not handled properly. Everything from sloping ground to potholes can all make control of the vehicle difficult, and the driver needs to be aware of and understand the risks.
  • Pushing Objects: In warehouses, forklift trucks are used to move goods from one area to another. This can mean that tightly packed goods on shelves can be shifted accidentally, causing falls from a height that may injure an individual.
  • Poor Driving: If someone is not properly qualified or fails to follow the rules and regulations of their industry when it comes to forklift truck operation, it can lead to accidents. Reckless or poor driving can cause injury to third parties who were simply in the area working.

Other causes of accidents include injuries incurred getting on and off the forklift itself and collisions with other vehicles or objects.

Whose Responsibility Is It?

Every business that operates forklift trucks on their premises, for whatever reasons, has to comply with health and safety regulations and take all steps to make sure that not only drivers but those working in the vicinity are kept safe. That could include, for example, having no go areas for pedestrians and ensuring maximum loads are not exceeded as well as regular servicing of vehicles.

Making a Forklift Truck Injury Claim

If you have been injured because of an accident involving a forklift truck and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to make a compensation claim. The first step is to contact a local personal injury lawyer to discuss the potential claim – that first consultation is normally given free of charge.

If the solicitor believes you have a case, you can then take advantage of their no win no fee service. This means that the law firm will take on your claim without charging upfront fees. You will only be charged if the claim is successful, and compensation is awarded.

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Title: Is There a Typical Forklift Truck Injury?
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