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Support During Lockdown for your Personal Injury Claim

As a team of personal injury solicitors in Newcastle, we know the impact that an accident or injury has on our clients, the way it can impact not only their day to day lives but also future prospects. This is why getting specialist advice quickly is extremely important and why at Personal Injury Lawyers Birmingham, we have acted with speed to ensure our team has been able to successfully adapt to the current conditions and are able to provide the same excellent service.

Personal Injury Claims Newcastle

Ensuring our clients have access to the very best legal advice with regard to their accident and injury claims is always our number one priority and this has not changed while we adapt to working through the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic. Our team can now successfully work from home and a small number rotate in our offices to ensure work continues as normally as it possible.

We Work Hard for You

We have the same determination and work ethic to ensuring you get the best outcome for your compensation claim and we can update current clients as normal while offering new clients the same expert advice whether you are speaking to a solicitor who is working from home or from one of our offices.

  1. If you ring our office number there will be a solicitor there to talk to you about your claim, or to discuss your accident or injury to get our advice to see if you could make a claim.
  2. If it is out of hours there will be a messaging system and we will call you back.
  3. All our emails are working as normal.
  4. We are still able to work on your case, we are gathering your evidence, communicating with the courts, and liaising with insurance companies and defendants on your behalf.
  5. Home visits are, of course, not possible at the moment but we are able to discuss the details of the case with you over the phone.

Expert Personal Injury Advice

You case will be unique, it may be complex and you may have had a serious injury to contend with which has impacted many parts of your life. We are specialists in personal injury law, and we want to make getting the compensation you deserve simple and straightforward with as little disruption to your day to day life as possible. Our approach has not changed, even if the way we work has.

We believe a personal relationship with you ensures we get the best outcome and you will still be able to speak to your solicitor about your case when you need to. Our team can be contacted by phone or email so don’t hesitate to call us if you want to find out if we think you have claim or you want to discuss a current claim  – we are here to help you.

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Title: Support During Lockdown for your Personal Injury Claim
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Published Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 14:05:58 +0000