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The Most Common Accidents and Injuries at a Chemical Manufacturer

Chemical manufacturing in the UK is one of our major industries and delivers more than £18 billion in revenues each year. With more than half a million people working across the industry, health and safety are key considerations for companies of all sizes.

Many chemicals will have harmful effects and there are strict regulations in place to make sure that risks are minimised within the workplace. Despite this, there are numerous accidents and injuries caused in chemical manufacturing each year.

Types of Accidents and Injuries

Chemicals can be flammable, and corrosive and the fumes can often be toxic. The types of injury we see include:

  • Accidents causing chemical burns.
  • Inhalation injuries where toxic chemicals have been breathed in by workers.
  • Skin irritations because of exposure to chemicals.
  • Explosions because of flammable chemicals.

In addition to these, chemical manufacturing plants see their fair share of slips and falls along with cuts and scrapes, especially when substances are spilt. These types of accidents can happen for a variety of reasons.

The company itself may not have the appropriate and legal safety precautions in place that help keep workers safe. An employee might not be properly trained to do a certain job, equipment may not be maintained or there simply could be a case of human error.

In many cases, employees aren’t given the right safety equipment. Even being overworked and having to operate long hours can cause mistakes that lead to an accident or injury.

Accidents and injuries at a chemical manufacturer can be life changing. Exposure to toxic chemicals may, for instance, cause breathing problems and damage the lungs.

Chemical burns can cause blindness, severe scarring and even disability. That can affect whether someone can continue to work or whether they can continue to do the same job and earn the salary that they expect. It may mean they are left with a disability such as blindness where they must completely change how they live their lives.

Should I Make a Claim

If you have been injured because of an accident while working at a chemical manufacturer and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation.

Personal injury or accident compensation is designed to recompense you for loss of earnings. You might have had to take time out of work and were unable to earn a wage following the accident. You may need support in recovery or have to make adjustments to your daily living because of your injuries. The accident may have been so severe that you are unable to work anymore. Compensation can also be awarded if the accident has adversely psychologically affected you.

It’s important to sit down with a personal injury solicitor and discuss whether there is a compensation case. Our team are experienced in taking on challenging cases and will take on your case on a no-win no-fee basis. This means that they don’t charge any upfront legal fees but take this out of any compensation awarded. If the case is not successful, then you don’t pay anything.

If you have been injured following an accident at a chemical manufacturer, contact our friendly legal team today.

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Title: The Most Common Accidents and Injuries at a Chemical Manufacturer
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