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When is my employer liable for an accident I’ve had at work?

Accidents happen all the time. They happen on the road, whilst walking down the street, and even when singing in the shower at home! Thankfully, most accidents don’t result in any injuries. Sadly, many accident victims are not so lucky. In these situations, it’s only fair that the injured party should be adequately compensated for any inconvenience caused to their life, and any financial loss.

Clients are sometimes unsure whether they should make the time and effort to bring a claim, but there are many positives in doing so. The main advantages are access to rehabilitation and financial compensation.

Clients are often unaware that they can claim against their employers for accidents occurring in the workplace, which may involve a claim against your employers’ insurer.

We understand that this is often an awkward or difficult decision to come to, but most sensible and forward-thinking employers will deal with this sensitively. Remember, this is why liability insurance exists.

Employers Liability Claims

Employers have a legal duty to keep their employees safe, which includes providing a safe place to work, and a safe system of work. If you have had an accident at work, in the last three years, or your health has deteriorated as a result of being in a workplace, then we are more than happy to speak to you and help you to bring a claim.

Employers Liability claims are commonly known as “work accident” claims. These could range from an employee tripping over a bag which has been inconveniently placed in an office walkway, or an employee becoming injured due to a failure to provide adequate training to a colleague.

Another example might be an employer’s failure to provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment, conduct a risk assessment before employee’s engage with a certain task, or fail to provide adequate monitoring or supervision of their staff.

Our expert Lawyers would be happy to discuss any potential accident claim with you. You can contact us to discuss by calling 0121 752 2818 or email info@personalinjurylawyerbirmingham.org.

By: Joshua Davies
Title: When is my employer liable for an accident I’ve had at work?
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Published Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 09:43:38 +0000